RMS Chess Club
Chess Club Sponsor: Mr. Matthew Hurd

Why Chess?

         Chess is a game of imagination and strategy, one that provides rules order and opportunities for intellectual growth.  An effective educational tool at all levels of academic achievement, chess teaches us to think logically and take responsibility for our actions and consequences.


Our Goal:

·      to provide an opportunity for fun, recreational chess.

·      to develop students’ self-confidence, mental focus, logic, discipline, and analytical abilities.

·      to develop students’ sportsmanship.

·      to provide an opportunity to excel in tournament competitions.

·      to teach the rules, vocabulary, history, and culture of the world’s oldest sport, chess.



·      Two unexcused absences of a member is a reason to be dropped from the club. 

·      Excessive tardiness of students to meeting or parents to pick up may also lead to being dropped from the club. 

·      Follow all the rules of Mr. Hurd's class and the school.